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Akai Pop Up Toaster 2Slice

2 SLICE AKAI POP UP TOASTER ✅ Pop and toast your sandwich and bread easily with this. ✅It’s easy to use,clean and maintain

Crown Star Electric Waffle Maker – 1000W

The double waffle maker cooks crispy and tasty waffles in minutes that you can decorate as you like.Features: waffles at once, non-stick coated plates, non-slip base. Waffle iron with non-stick plates to facilitate cleaning and prevent the dough from sticking.

Crownstar Sandwich/Shawarma Panini Grill

Perfect for grilling burgers,veggies, steaks, shawarma etc.

Kinelco Electric Oven-21Liters

Oven capacity: 21 Liters Power: 220-240V; 50Hz/60Hz; 1400Watts Power Indicator Light Adjustable Temperature Control 60-250⁰C 60min Timer With Bell 4 Oven Settings: Top Heating; Simultaneously Top and Bottom Heating: Simultaneously Top, Bottom & Rostisser Function Bakes, Grills, Roasts One Bake Tray, One Wire Rack, One Tray Handle, One Crumb Tray Heat Reflecting Interior for Energy Saving

Kinelco Toaster Sandwich Maker 2Slice

Kinelco 2 Slice Sandwich Maker comes with amazing features that offer you delicious sandwich. It comes with a non-stick coated plate that will give you crisp fresh taste of bread.It comes with an internal hotplate that will generate enough heat for toasting the bread. It has a ready to cook and toasting light indicators, lock on lid, variable thermostat temperature control.The Kinelco Sandwich Maker-2 in 1 is easy to use and it will allow you make 2 slice triangle sandwiches at a time. It has a thermostat for oven heat protection.

Sokany 3 in 1 Waffle And Sandwich Maker- 750W

The Sokany 3 in 1 Snack Maker is a highly multi-functional appliance, offering the choice of three cooking techniques to make your choice of snacks as varied and convenient as possible. The sandwich press plates make toasted sandwiches a breeze, simply put your choice of sliced bread and filling inside the moulds and lock the lid in place. The snack maker will cut, seal and toast your sandwich in minutes, making perfect toasties every time!