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4″ Rechargeable Phone Holder Handheld Fan – Lontor

Horizontal Phone Holder 3 Speed Fan Brushless Motor Micro USB Use Time: 1/2/5H Battery Charging Time: 3-5H

Century 12-inch Rechargeable Table Fan With Battery.

3-in-1 rechargeable fan Remote control included 4 to 11 hours battery life Power bank function (USB port) 3-blade technology for superior airflow Bright LED lights Charging and full charge indicators Discharge and overcharge protection 3-step fan speed control Automatic oscillation Manual tilt neck (up and down) Extra low noise and durable motor AC and DC input power 12V DC power input port


1. Fan: 3 speed settings. 2. Micro USB input: 5V 1A, and a USB cable. 3. With 120° adjustable design. 4. With night light function. 5. With overcharge and over discharge protection function.

DuraVolt 12inches Rechargeable Fan + Free Solar Panel

Come on with true perfection. Enduring and durable rechargeable Table Fan. Keep the sweat away and stay hydrated. Introducing the All new Duravolt DRF-12T rechargeable Oscillatory Table Fan. This fan is capable of beings used even when NEPA or your Generator fails to produce power. It can be used for 3 hours at high speed, or 6hrs on a low speed running on battery. This product comes with a USB port to help with your phone charging. Get inspired with the low energy sapping 12 watts electric Fan for your Home, Office or event center.

Fashion Sports Hanging Neck Fan

This new design of Portable neck fan is designed to free your hands from holding a hand fan while doing your outdoor or indoor activities. And is light weight. Is USB Rechargeable. Can be used while travelling, trekking, mountain climbing, Ride a bike, Shooting, Fishing and in the office.

Kamisafe Multi-functional Led Light Rechargeable Table Fan

Energy saving multi-functional fan and Lighting Equipped with LED night lamp function USB output function to charge to charge digital products Easy to carry about DC/AC input

Lontor 6″ Rechargeable And Rotating Mini Fan


The 6" rechargeable fan works up to 5 hours without power, enjoy a night of sleep with fresh air, no more complains about heat. You can use this fan indoor and outdoor as the occasion requires. It is made of durable materials, this will ensure that it last long and you get value for your money. The Lontor rechargeable fan is very affordable, energy efficient and it operates quietly, even at high speed. This fan is a must have for everyone.

Lontor 7″ Rechargeable Portable Electric Standing Fan Mf028-7 – 3600mAh

It is a portable and mini table fan that can be used in office table, workstations, home tables and anywhere it can seat properly to give you the coolness you desire. It also has 3 speed capacity

Lontor Rechargeable Hand Fan

With this novel design and high-quality, this mini fan is sure to enjoy lasting daily comfort and convenience. The Mini Rechargeable Fan is your perfect carry-around for extremely hot days, or for use in crowded areas. The mini-sized fan fits into your palm so you can hold it for convenience. 1500mAh capacity.

Lontor Rechargeable Mini Portable Handfan

  • CAPACITY: 1500mAH
  • POWER: 3.7V


  • Compact Size:The Rechargeable Handheld Fan is designed in a compact size,which is mini and portable,lightweight,and convenient to carry for cooling anytime and anywhere.
  • High-Quality Materials:The USB Rechargeable Portable Fan is made from high-quality materials,processed with exquisite craftsmanship that features smooth surfaces and no burrs,printed with bright and fade-less colors.
  • Multi-Functions:The Hand-Held Personal Mini Fan is equipped with a bottom base to work as a table fan,designed with a groove,and can be used as a phone stand,suitable for cooling and enjoying cell phones at the same time.
  • Easy to Grip:The Portable Handheld Mini Fan is designed with an ergonomic shape for easy gripping and holding,which is perfect for outdoor cooling when shopping or sightseeing,featuring long service life to use.
  • USB Charging:The Mini Handheld Personal Portable Fan is battery operated and USB rechargeable,equipped with a large-capacity battery for long-time cooling,a perfect cooling fan for you this summer.

Rechargeable Table Solar Fan 12inches

Rechargeable Solar Fan AC/DC Operated Rechargeable fan with Super bright LED light 1.) Red LED Charging indicator 2.) 12 inch Rechargeable oscillating fan 3.) LED Night light 4.) AC/ DC operation 5 .) USB jack for charging cellphone 6.) Double DC Output for LED bulb 7.) DC input solar panel 8.) Switching mode power supply 9.) Metal Grill 10.) Input Voltage : AC 110-240V 50/60HZ Number one uses 4-5 hours Number 2 uses 3 hours Number 3 uses 2 hours

Stretching/FoldableRechargeable Fan

Are you Feeling hot? ?? This amazing foldable rechargeable fan keeps you cool at home or at work, it can be used on your table (storage fan), shelf (desktop fan) or as a floor fan when fully extended. It is user friendly, easy to fold and unfold. It works even when NEPA disappoints you Colour Might Vary

TD-881 New Arrival 5W 6″ 3-Blade Rechargeable LED Table Fan with 18650 Lithium Battery 4000mAh 3-Speed 2 Step Light Switch V8 USB Charging Wire Charging Time 5-7h Working Time 4.5-13h

TD-881 New Arrival 5W 6" 3-Blade Rechargeable LED Table Fan with 18650 Lithium Battery 4000mAh 3-Speed 2 Step Light Switch V8 USB Charging Wire Charging Time 5-7h Working Time 4.5-13h