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Foldable 4by6 Mosquito Tent Net

Household Mosquito Repellent Fully Surrounded Breathable Mosquito Net Installation-free, large space yurt mosquito net, 0 accessories, heightened and open, encrypted net yarn, enjoy summer comfort, printed design pattern, two-way zipper, summer good time

Rechargeable Mosquitoes killer/Swatter

This mosquito swatter is suitable for home, bedroom, office, garden, etc... It instantly gets rid of annoying flying insects like: mosquitoes, flies, bugs, spiders, wasps etc.. - It Works even When Plugged to Charging You definitely need this at home!!

Rechargeable Mosquitoes Lamp

Rechargeable Mosquito killer lamp. Don't let mosquitoes deprive you of a good night rest. This mosquito killer uses soft light and LED light waves to induce mosquitoes effectively. It also operates at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sleep. Connect to a power source and your night is splendid.