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116Plus Smart Bracelet

Feature Function: Blood Pressure Passometer Sleep Tracker Push Message Heart Rate Tracker Blood oxygen Alarm Clock Remote Control Social Media

2 Liter Motivational Water Bottle With Time Marker

Very suitable for gym, camping, running, yoga, before and after exercise, weight loss, home and office.2.L capacity ensures you enjoy one full water bottle/jug without having to refill it frequently, provide healthy drinking water for you and your family.

20L Rico Water Purifier With Alkaline

20L RICO WATER PURIFIER & DISPENSER It's a non electrical purifier Uses a five stages filter Clears up to 99% impurities It gives pure and germ free water. Unbreakable storage Container

Acupuncture Reflexology Massage Slippers

This is the best gift u can give anybody that is passing through pains.?? Reflex slippers is an instant tool to relieve pain in d leg, lower and upper back, neck, shoulder, muscles and joints It is also effective for Stroke, artritis Rheumatism patients ✍️Health Benefits of Reflex slippers ✍️✍️ ✔️ Stimulates Blood Circulation. ✔️ Reduces Migraines and Headaches. ✔️ Reliefs Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia. ✔️ Improve Metabolism and Energy. ✔️ Promotes Sleep ✔️ Fights Depression ✔️ Relieves Aches and Pain ✔️ Eases PMS and Menopause Symptoms ✔️ Restless Leg Syndrome ✔️ Foot Reflexology Massage for Multiple Sclerosis.

Back Acupressure Stretcher

Back Acupressure Stretcher Ergonomic self-massage device. 3 kinds of settings can be fully extended by our ergonomic self-massage device, and you can fix this back stretcher device at the most comfortable level. The back massager stretches easily and relieves pain effectively. Start improving your quality of life. The back stretcher takes only 5 minutes a day!

Body Electronic Scale


Large L.C.D. Display (73mm X 34mm)

Auto Zero and Auto Off

Overload and Low Battery Indication

Big Platform Size for Easy Footing (300mm X 300mm X 17.5mm

Chair Back Seat Support

For several people who work every day in an office setting, sitting in an office chair with inadequate back support usually causes a great deal of pain on the lower back. This is always because in the seated position, sitting with no support to the back usually leads to a bad posture; this in turn stresses joints of the spine and softens its tissues. For so many people, sitting in an office chair would either cause or make worse a lower back pain. So it’s good news with this Mesh Cushion Lumbar Support, as it help to eradicate or prevents lower back pain when sitting in that office chair or car.

Electronic BP Monitor

ELECTRONIC BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR ✔️Fully automatic arm style electronic blood pressure monitor ✔️digital liquid crystal display ✔️oscillometric method ✔️pressure: 0kPa-37kPa(0mmHg- 280mmHg) ✔️pulse: 40-195 times/min ✔️microvomputer intelligent. ✔️usb interface ✔️high accuracy ✔️arrhythmia monitoring


ELECTRONIC PULSE MASSAGER Do you suffer from chronic pains? Have you or someone you know ever had a stroke? Have you had an injury that left your muscles unused for a period of time? Then, the Electronic pulse massager is what you need. This massager stimulates your muscles causing them to contract. It relieves pains, heals and strengthens damaged muscles, it encourages the building up of basic tones and strength.

Fit Tea – 28 day slimming tea


Slimming Herbal Tea For Detoxification And Weight Loss, Colon Cleanser, General Body Health

Foldable 4by6 Mosquito Tent Net

Household Mosquito Repellent Fully Surrounded Breathable Mosquito Net Installation-free, large space yurt mosquito net, 0 accessories, heightened and open, encrypted net yarn, enjoy summer comfort, printed design pattern, two-way zipper, summer good time

Glossy Portable Water Bottle, Motivational Sports Water bottle with Time Maker, Leak-Proof Cup for Sport FitnessWater Bottle Motivational Sport Water Bottle Leakproof Bottles Drinking Outdoor Travel Gym Fitness Jugs For Kitchen Cups

Whether your friend loves camping, cycling or outdoor activities, or your fitness conscious spouse hits the gym regularly, this excellent bottle is the present idea you can think of! It is an ideal for your beloved ones,to help them keep hydrated and healthy. One-piece lid: the lid is one-piece design, easy to open and not easy to lose Inspirational water bottle: Keeping hydrated is a simple technique to help you stay healthy. This water bottle with motivational quotes and time markings will always remind you to take in the right amount of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. The special splash-proof top can be opened by pressing the button with one hand. The air holes on the lid ensure that the water flows quickly and is easy to drink. Very suitable for gym, camping, running, yoga, before and after exercise, weight loss, home and office. Upside down and leak-proof: the water cup has high sealing performance and can be placed upside down without leakage.

Green 800ml Business Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel Tumbler Portable Insulated Cup Thermos Bottle OP

Business Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel Tumbler Portable Insulated Cup Thermos Bottle OP. Retains both hot and cold 6hours. Double wall Vaccum insulated. Made from pure fodd grade, light weight durable 18-8 stainless Steel

Hanging Mosquitoe Net(KingSize)

Household Mosquito Repellent Fully Surrounded Breathable Mosquito Net Installation-free, large space yurt mosquito net, 0 accessories, heightened and open, encrypted net yarn, enjoy summer comfort, printed design pattern, for all bed size, summer good time

Herbal Medicine For Pain And Skin Care – Arthritis – Rheumatism Oil Treatment – 24ml

100% herbs .no side-effects to health The unique Tibetan-Chinese chafing restores blood flow to the sore spot, relieves swelling and pain. It has been used successfully in very difficult circumstances: in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, aching bones, pinching the sciatic nerve, paralysis of the limbs after a stroke. In addition, with "Chinese haze" get rid of varicose veins, spurs, burns, bruises, cuts of varying severity. This rubbing works where the hope of a cure is almost lost. How to use: rubbing intended for external use locally. Rub the affected area 2-3 times a day. size....24ml For , Arthritis, Rheumatism Treatment

Lavender repair oil

Lavender repair essence, specific to external wound, after surgery, pregnancy, high temperature hot loss problems such as weak mark printing, as well as a variety of symptoms: scar cesarean section scar, scar, scar pigment deposition, mosquito bites the scar dispel repair!


Miracle Socks Unisex One size fits most Graduated Compression Improves circulation and helps reduce aches and swelling Massages as you move Soothes tired, achy legs and feet Vein Therapy – Helps relieve symptoms of spider and varicose veins Reduces swelling Enhances circulation Soothes achy legs & feet Relieves symptoms of vericose veins Great for travelling! Machine washable


Miracle Socks, anti-fatigue compression socks, soothe tired, achy legs and feet! Miracle Socks use graduated compression, maximum at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg, to soothe, massage and energize your legs and feet. Miracle Socks, as seen on TV, are comfortable and discreet, thin enough to fit in any shoe. Easy to put on, great for everyday use. Miracle Socks help to reduce swelling, enhance circulation, relieve symptoms of varicose veins and soothe aching legs and feet. Unisex. Perfect for being on your feet or sitting all day and travelling!

Pain Relief Hot Water Bottle Bag


Fill with hot water and use it to warm your bed, relieve joint and muscle pains, ease stomachaches, Great for Pain Relief, Hot and Cold.

In addition to the traditional hot therapy, it can also double up as a cold compress for kids with fever or to reduce swelling for minor injuries.

It is made from natural rubber. Retains heat for an extra-long time. Ribbed outer surface helps maintain liquid temperature.

Comes in different colours mostly blue, green, red. 2 litres

Traditional pain relief / Relieves the body of aches and pain

Soothes and warms the body

Hot water bottles are excellent for heat therapy

Ideal for pregnant and/or nursing mothers

Therapeutic temperature is approximately 42’C to 45’C

Phyopus Nano Facial Steamer

Nano ionic steam can penetrate into skin and replenish the face missing moisture effectively, make skin more tender, moist and elastic. It rejuvenate the skin while moisturizing. It effectively open pores and unclog hair follicles, allows you to remove dirt, oil and aged cutin from your skin.

Rechargeable Fascial Massage Gun

FASCIAL MASSAGE GUN After the day's work, or gyming you need some sooth massage, then when no one is around to give you the massage, this massage gun comes to the rescue ????? Say goodbye? Back Pain Frozen Shoulders Neck pain Treat sore muscles Increases blood flow And lots more

Rechargeable fruit/smoothie blender

380ml Blades Mini USB Rechargeable Portable Electric Fruit Juicer Smoothie Maker Blender Machine Sports Bottle Juicing Cup

Sonik 5inches RechargeableFan

The Sonik mini table fan with Led lamp is a portable, durable and easy to use fan which features micro usb 5v IN with a bright led lamp, long lasting power. It is good in offices, homes and boardrooms.